Mayoral hopeful Zac Goldsmith branded Labour rival Sadiq Khan “lazy” over his affordable housing policy when was he was out on the campaign trail in Kingston this morning.

This paper caught up with him in Kingston Station’s Costa Coffee after he had been talking affordable housing, transport and terrorism with potential voters.

The first thing he does when he sits down is apologise for all the “chaos” around him.

He is accompanied by two advisers. As election campaigns go, it is not as chaotic at most.

Earlier in the day the Richmond Park and north Kingston MP had been at the Canbury Arms where he had been subject to a “tough” Q&A session.

He said: “London has boomed over the last eight years, I think everyone would agree with that. The reason I am standing for mayor is to protect the success we have seen, and that means dealing with housing.

“More housing to close the gap between supply and demand.”

Housing, which has been one of the biggest campaign issues for Mr Goldsmith and his Labour rival Sadiq Khan, was predictably also one of the things Kingstonians were most worried about.

Mr Goldsmith has called Tooting MP Mr Khan’s 50 per cent affordable housing target for new London developments “a complete fantasy”.

He said: “I think targets are the lazy politician’s way of not having to say how they are going to deliver policy.

“No London council has consistently delivered 50 per cent affordable housing in years.”

Mr Goldsmith looks uncomfortable at times criticising his political rival and it is this quiet and polite manner that has made many people question whether he has the grit to take on the mayor role.

Compared to Boris Johnson, predecessor Ken Livingston and rival Mr Khan, Mr Goldsmith is exceptionally softly spoken.

But he claims his record working with the government is what gives him the political edge over his rival.

He said: “None of the issues we are talking about are controversial, any candidate is going to tell you that we need those things.

“The question is who can deliver? I ask people to look at my record locally where I have delivered consistently for my constituents.

“The people who know me best, my constituents, have given me a resounding green light.

“And that I would say that compares very strongly with my Labour rival who has no record with working with Government, which is a prerequisite to getting a good deal.”