Motorists are a step closer to being forced to drive at 20mph on all of Surbiton’s residential streets – barring four main roads – after a consultation into the changes was extended by councillors.

Ewell Road, Portsmouth Road, Upper Brighton Road and Hook Road will retain their 30mph limits.

It comes after a series of bitter rows between Surbiton neighbourhood councillors over limits already imposed in the district, including in Claremont Road, Surbiton Hill Road, North Road and Dolphin Road.

About 20,000 people, taking in businesses and residential areas across the Town Centre, Surbiton Hill, Berrylands and Alexandra wards, will be part of the consultation, which will run in autumn.

St Mark’s councillor Liz Green said at a meeting last night: “I believe very strongly in the 20 mph in the residential areas.”

Alexandra councillor Chris Hayes said: “I still remain sceptical about the blanket-wide 20mph approach and I think we still need to remember we are going against the recommendation of Kingston police for this.”

Results of the consultation will be presented to the committee and would then move to Kingston Council’s residents’ committee if endorsed.