London mayor Boris Johnson will decide tomorrow afternoon whether to give the final green light to controversially approved plans for four new high-rise blocks next to Tolworth Tower.

The Comet was originally told the decision would be made this afternoon but the mayor's office later said the meeting had been rescheduled until tomorrow. 

Mr Johnson will meet with his strategic planning team to review the proposal passed by Kingston Council’s development control committee on January 12.

Building work began in the Broadway the day after the decision.

A spokesman from the mayor’s office confirmed the application was on the agenda for “later this afternoon.”

Councillors and residents wrote to the mayor after the decision urging him to quash the CNM Estates plan.

Cllr Richard Hudson, who stepped aside from chairing January 12’s development control meeting after starting the ‘Tolworth deserves better’ campaign against the plans, wrote to Mr Johnson asking him to send the application back to the “could-do-much-better box.”

He said: “These plans fail Kingston, fail London and fail our residents on many levels.”

Borough Liberal Democrats started a separate petition to quash the decision.

After the plans were approved CNM Estates chairman Wahid Samady said: “All of those people who have attended, whether we have agreed or disagreed with each other, we all care about Tolworth.

"What we are going to do is re-establish this building as a 21st century hub for Tolworth.”