A claim to David Bowie star-dusted fame for Tolworth fans is the unveiling of Ziggy Stardust in Tolworth.

Now a Surbiton man, who is a professor at Kingston University, wants to commemorate that first gig at the Toby Jug in 1972 and put a plaque at the site.

Will Brooker, who is writing a book about Bowie, has gone so far as to take on his various personae to fully understand Ziggy Stardust.

Following Bowie's death on Sunday, Mr Brooker said: “I feel quite strongly that there should be a commemoration of that historic first Ziggy gig, and I think many locals would agree Tolworth could use this kind of global celebration.

The day Ziggy Stardust fell to earth: Remembering David Bowie's legendary first gig

“Part of me had expected Bowie to go at any point, which was the whole reason for my book – it was prompted partly by Lou Reed’s death in 2013.

“I realised I should celebrate my heroes while they were still around.

“And every day, I almost expected to hear this bad news, as I knew it had to happen sometime, before long.”

Surrey Comet:

The Surrey Comet's cartoonist David Cox's tribute to David Bowie and Ziggy Stardust's debut at the Toby Jug

Bowie performed once at Kingston Poly, as it was then, in 1972 and Mr Brooker plans to put on a celebration gig in May.

He said: "For me, mourning Bowie is a very personal business and is taking time.

"However, I feel some comfort when young fans message me thanking me for keeping the Bowie spirit going."