A personal trainer from Berrylands is launching a mental health initiative for schools alongside the man he saved from suicide.

It will mark the eight-year anniversary of the moment Neil Laybourn stopped as Jonny Benjamin prepared to take his life on Waterloo Bridge in 2008.

He talked Mr Benjamin down and the pair have since become friends, and now campaigners.

The 33-year-old Berrylands man, who runs a gym in central London, was tracked down six years later after a campaign to find him exploded online.

Their initiative, Think Well, includes workshops for children and confronts taboos surrounding mental health. It launched on January 13.

Mr Benjamin was 20 at the time he almost took his life. He has a form of schizophrenia and also now works with Rethink Mental Illness, visiting prisons, schools and hospitals.

Mr Laybourn told the Surrey Comet after he and Mr Benjamin reunited: "I couldn’t believe it when I saw the campaign, I got in touch straight away.

"I was so pleased to see how well Jonny was doing. I had thought about him over the years and had always hoped he was ok.

"When we met, it was clear how much that encounter on the bridge meant to Jonny, he told me it was a pivotal moment in his life.

"I did what anyone would do. I wasn’t trying to fix his problems that day, I just listened."