Surbiton commuters can pay off the cost of their annual rail season tickets in just 11 days if they own a home in the town, according to a property website.

But a rise of nearly £160 per day on the district's property prices is bad news for those who "desperately want to buy" in the area, estate agents added.

House prices are rising so quickly that some in the commuter belt can make back the cost of an annual rail season ticket in a matter of days, and Surbiton is top of the list, according to Zoopla. A year's travel costs some £1,800.

However, while Surbitonians who commute into Waterloo will be thrilled at the news, first-time buyers and young families must make ever more strenuous efforts to get onto the property ladder.

Nearby Esher saw a rise of £114.03 in property value per day in 2015, while the worth of a Leatherhead jumped by £95.66 per day, Zoopla said.

Michelle Hutchings, an estate agent from Berrylands Residential, said: "First-time buyers don't stand much of a chance. Prices are going up, yes, because of the market, but also because of the shortage."

She said she believes people who own property in Surbiton can wait to sell because they know the mark-up will be so large. That means even if first-time buyers can afford a home in the area, they will likely have few options due to lack of supply.

Since prices have risen the situation has been tough even for estate agents, she added.

She said: "Last year was our toughest year so far. You see people who desperately want to buy and it's a horrible situation for people to be in."

Renters also suffer as the increase in prices is mirrored in a rise in rent.

A Zoopla spokesman said: "As we'd expect, properties in key commuting areas continue to be in demand for buyers in competitive markets.

"While our research may soften the blow of increased rail fares for home-owning commuters the London price rises we’re seeing do make it harder for those looking to take their first step onto the property ladder."