If disappointment greets you in the mirror every morning, perhaps your DNA may prove more aesthetically pleasing?

A Surrey company has blurred the line between art, vanity and science by launching DNA-Art, allowing any person or pet to have their unique DNA structure made into art.

Patrons can opt to have particular genes highlighted such as gender, hair colour, tolerance towards alcohol or even dimples.

The prints have been likened to abstract work by artists such as Rothko and were previewed on BBC One's Jonathan Ross Show last week.

Publicist Max Clifford, who is supporting the company launch, had his own DNA analysed. It showed he has a strong male gene, which, he said, surprised him.

He said: "These pieces really get people talking, I will put mine up in the office."

Frank Scolaro, director of DNA-Art UK, said the idea originated with scientists in Holland. They interpret a DNA swab taken from inside the cheek and photograph the image it creates under a microscope. They can pick out certain genes and other qualities on request.

The result is then set against a canvas, or even a crystal plinth.

Mr Scolaro said: "There can be no copies: this is a chance to own something unique, something that is actually you."

Mr Scolaro said: "A team is made up of individuals and a company can have their DNA displayed together to show team traits."

The company can even merge images, which they say makes it ideal for wedding presents and family portraits.

He said: "Over 99 per cent of each person's DNA is the same, it is the one per cent that make us you.

"You simply won't find a better conversation piece for your home or office."

For more information visit dna-artuk.com.