An envelope with £10,000 was taken from an 80-year-old man's house when he was hospitalised with cancer.

Mohammed Barkat left the large sum of loose cash in his home before he was admitted to hospital in case he died and his brother needed to pay for his funeral.

He wants to warn other elderly people not to leave money around to be easily stolen, even though it might feel secure.

Mr Barkat, of South Bank, Surbiton, who has lived there for about eight years, said: "The reason why I did it was I thought it was such a secure place, there was no need to worry about anything.

"I had no cause to worry. I was so confident that there was no reason I wouldn't keep the cash, as I thought if I go and there is no cash my brother wouldn't be able to make the arrangements."

He was in hospital between September 7 and November 11, and when he returned home noticed the envelope containing the money was gone.

Mr Barkat added that there had been no sign of a break in.

Kingston police confirmed it is investigating a burglary.

Anyone with information about it should call 101 and quote reference number 0409581/15.