Kingstonian’s worst fears were realised last night as plans for AFC Wimbledon to move out of Kingsmeadow and build a new stadium in Merton were approved.

This leaves Ks with the task of finding a new ground within the next two years.

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Thursday, December 10: Cheers and hugging as AFC Wimbledon have Plough Lane stadium plans unanimously approved by Merton Council

A Merton Council planning committee voted unanimously at Merton’s Civic Centre last night to approve plans to build a 12,000 seater stadium in the Dons’ traditional home of Plough Lane – possibly for the start of the 2017 season.

Surrey Comet:

AFC Wimbledon's planned 12,000 seater stadium in Plough Lane

AFC Wimbledon are now free to sell the lease for Kingsmeadow - the ground they have shared with Kingstonian since 2003 – and Ks must now find a new ground possibly by the start of the 2017 season.

While the move has been met with excitement from Dons’ fans, Kingstonian’s followers are growing increasingly concerned for the club’s future in the borough.

Kinston councillor and Kingstonian fan Jon Tolley said: “I think the best analogy is you can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs.

“It’s brilliant news for AFC Wimbledon, but what happens to Kingstonian now? There is talk about developing in the borough but as a Kingstonian fan I want Ks to play in Kingston, and that looks impossible now.

“I just wish that there was some recognition that the thing that has happened to Kingston is sad.”

Surrey Comet:

AFC Wimbledon celebrate at last night's meeting

The Dons Trust, the supporters group who own AFC Wimbledon, voted 99 per cent in favour of selling the lease for Kingsmeadow at a meeting at the ground last month.

Premier League champions Chelsea are expected to buy the lease to use the ground for the use of their women's and youth teams.

Kingstonian have used the ground since 1989.

Mr Tolley added: “It’s a tragedy, a real shame that Kingston won’t have a football club apart from Chelsea ladies.

“I’m 100 per cent convinced that Chelsea have no interest in the ladies team [in buying Kingsmeadow] and just want to have influence in south west London, people are going to be bombarded with Chelsea propaganda.

“I just don’t buy that that Chelsea ladies and youth are more important, it’s the money that is.”

Surrey Comet:

Kingstonian entered a ground share with AFC Wimbledon at Kingsmeadow in 2003

Kingston Council will debate how to secure Kingstonian’s future in the borough in their upcoming meeting on Tuesday, December 15 after a petition reached over 500 signatures.

Lead petitioner Jamie Cutteridge said: “I think Kingstonian always thought they would end up with Kingsmeadow, the fact that Chelsea came in changed everything.

“I’m surprised it went through last night, I think it was always going to happen at some point.

“We’re not going to have our own ground by then so there is going to be some ground sharing, the longer we ground share the less we can afford.”

Kingstonian were unavailable for comment.