A Walton beauty salon has been forced to change its name after receiving a barrage of abuse from people furious at the salon having the same name as a terrorist organisation.

Isis Beauty Academy in Church Street, which trains students in industry-recognised beauty therapy qualifications and has been up and running for eight years, was named after the ancient Egyptian goddess of rebirth, Isis.

But now the salon’s owner, Carolyne Cross, has said the terrorist organisation Isis, which stands for Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, has resulted in the name leading to negative repercussions for the company.

She said: "We’ve been receiving phone calls from some people who’ve been rude and abusive accusing us of being racist among other things.

"What’s more, several times a day we’ve had local people taking pictures and posting the photos on social media with negative comments.

"I also believe that negative connotations with the name has caused the 50 per cent drop in student numbers this term - one new student even arrived with her parents in tow as they’d wanted to be certain we’re not an undercover grooming place for Islamic extremists."

Ms Cross previously "vowed" to uphold the name of her salon despite some abusers heckling staff arriving to work.

However she says that the "extreme reaction shown by some individuals" is stopping students from coming to her salon and therefore the name "has to be changed".

The new salon name is being kept under wraps until later today when Elmbridge mayor Jan Fuller will officially reveal it at 10.30am.

Other places bearing the Isis name have also been put under some negative spotlight, including Isis Street in Wandsworth and Kingston Council's Integrated Spatial Information System (ISIS online).

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