A Molesey woman who says planes cause windows and doors in her home to “shake and rattle” has stepped up her campaign against plans for a third runway at Heathrow.

Surrey Comet:

An aerial view shows Heathrow's proposed third runway

Fiona Fraser, of Nightingale Road in West Molesey, joined other protesters at the Say No to Heathrow demonstration in central London several weeks ago, and now wants to form a Molesey alliance with the Teddington Action Group, an organisation firmly against expansion.

Miss Fraser said: “The past five weeks have been really bad. The noise makes the house shake, the windows shake. It has become completely unbearable, particularly in the morning and last thing at night.

“It was all day yesterday, it was so bad that my front door shook with both of the planes going over.

“It actually rattled.

“I love living in Molesey, but if it carries on I’ll have to move. I just feel very helpless.”

Elmbridge Council has created an airport expansion task group to explore the impact of the expansion on the borough, a spokesman said.

Paul McGuinness, of the Teddington Action Group has welcomed Elmbridge residents wanting to join the campaign against expansion.

Surrey Comet:

Protesters at the Say No to Heathrow demonstration in London several weeks ago

He said: “There are community groups cropping up all over the place that are horrified at the prospect of a third runway and we’d be very happy for that [a Molesey-based affiliated action group] to happen.

“To some extent we are the children of the 2014 flight trials and many people of course realise that the matter of the trends in which the planes are flying is quite awakening.”

East Molesey Councillor Steve Bax has also campaigned against Heathrow expansion.

He said: “It’s quite frustrating as a councillor and for residents. We definitely know it’s noisy on the ground and people are being disturbed at unreasonable hours of the day.”

East Molesey Councillor Peter Szanto said he did not think residents needed to form an alliance with other action groups in neighbouring boroughs.

He said: “We have a route today into senior management at Heathrow and really what people should be doing is channelling their comments through to Steve Bax rather than spreading the focus across several groups.”

Heathrow bosses claim that 80,000 people in London are on board with the expansion, which they say will create up to 38,400 jobs and £35.1bn worth of economic benefits by 2050.

The Airports Commission, chaired by Sir Howard Davies, recommended Heathrow for expansion this summer.

The Government is expected to make its decision by the end of the year.

Anyone opposed to the third runway proposals at Heathrow can help create a new Elmbridge action group by emailing fionafraser2013@gmail.com.

Are you affected by the flight paths from Heathrow? Would you like to join an action group against the third runway? Get in touch at rachel.dickerson@london.newsquest.co.uk or call 020 8722 6313