Plans to put a floodlit storage site with a 2.6m high spiked-entrance gate in the middle of a residential area in Thames Ditton have been thrown out by a planning committee after more than 100 people complained.

The storage site was proposed to hold 15 single stacked containers, guarded by anti-climb spiked fences and CCTV in the residential Angel Road, Thames Ditton.

The application by Standby Self Storage, who have other sites in Molesey, Horsham, Epsom and Croydon, had received 104 letters of objection prior to planning officers recommending the permit be granted.

One objector had said: “My bedroom window is right above the site and my child’s window looks right onto the site. The disturbance and invasion of our privacy would be intolerable.”

Another said: “The location could not be more unsuitable and potentially dangerous. It is the narrowest part of the road, already frequently congested by lorries who either fail to see, or ignore, the low bridge warning and are then obliged to reverse back up Angel Road, creating risks for cars and cyclists.”

Other concerns raised were that the CCTV would also impinge on the privacy of residents and schoolchildren who regularly use the road as a route to school, the “thin” pathway under the railway bridge would not provide enough safety for the extra traffic the storage site would encourage, and the devaluation of other properties.

The land had previously been used to store around 30 cars and roofing materials in recent years.

Surrey County Council Highways had previously made no objection on the grounds of safety as there had been no personal injury accident claims in the past five years in Angel Road and “specifically under the bridge”.

Tony Edwards tweeted that he was “glad to see planning permission denied” for the site, and applauded the council for “listening” to residents.

Despite reduced working hours and recommendations for noise management, the application was refused by the east area planning committee at a council meeting on October 19 in Esher.

A spokesman from Standby Self Storage declined to comment on the refusal.