Parents with blue badges claim they find it "frightening" to park at Fern Hill Primary School following the start of a car park share with the borough’s new free secondary school.

Disabled bay use is reportedly being abused by parents dropping children to school or not entitled to priority parking, some blue badge holders from the Richmond Road school have said.

A mother of a child at Fern Hill, who did not wish to be named, said she often faced abusive comments when pointing out the bays were being used incorrectly.

The parent said: "I find it very frightening myself. It's hard enough being disabled."

Another parent, Jenny Souter, whose daughter is a blue badge holder, said: "It has become an almost daily routine now to ask parents who are parked illegally in the disable bays to move on.

"Many have asked me why I am parked in the disabled bay when I am obviously not disabled.

"There are times when it is too emotional to explain to them about my daughter, but a lot of the times even when I do explain they simply couldn't care less and remain parked saying they won't be long and continue to park illegally the next day."

Tudor Councillor Hugh Scantlebury said: "The current situation is at best chaotic during drop-off and pick-up.

"Both school leadership teams are however seeking to identify ways and means of improving the situation for those parents who do need to drive to the school and are receiving guidance from a council traffic planner."

The problems are said to have escalated since Kingston Academy opened in the same road.

Fears blue badge bays could be lost permanently if Kingston Academy's planning application to build a larger site were approved , have been quelled by Fern Hill Primary School head Adam Scott, who has said no parking would be lost to the development.

Mr Scott said: "I am aware of the traffic and car parking issues raised by parents since the site has become shared with Kingston Academy.

"I am working closely with governors and with the headteacher of the Academy to resolve the issues."