A Chessington beauty queen has renounced her Miss Surrey title slamming the pageant after "out of shape" girls placed ahead of her in the Miss England finals.

Surrey Comet:

Jade McQueen came 20th in the Miss England finals 

Jade McQueen, who came 20th in the pageant in August, says she was also discriminated against because of her underprivileged background.

The 23-year-old Rihanna lookalike who has also appeared on the X Factor took the Miss Surrey title in March and was the first short-haired girl ever to win.

But this week the former Chessington Community College pupil said she handed back her Miss Surrey title after she placed 20th in Miss England.

She said: "I didn't even come in the top 20 in the talent round despite being a professional singer."

The model added a girl who sang “terribly out of tune” was put through instead.

This prompted the beauty queen to contact pageant organisers about her concerns which included the judging of the beach beauty round.

Miss McQueen said: "The next problem was the beach beauty round. I go to the gym four times a week and I am very sporty and toned.

"I had the most toned body, yet girls who were out of shape made the top 12.

"I didn't even get a response, they just took me off the website and Facebook group and blocked me. I never got any answers.

"I told them from day one I was from a poor background and had even been homeless. I think this is what went against me as the winners are always very wealthy."

Miss McQueen has since represented Port Talbort, Wales, in the Miss Supranational UK pageant, which she won. She will now go on to the finals in Krakow, Poland in December.

She said: "At Miss England I was told they judge you on fitness and I made sure I was as fit as I could be but I didn’t get anywhere.

“I entered the Miss Supranational because they had women of all different shapes and sizes and the only requirement is confidence.

“They don’t tell you have to look one way and then judge you on something else.

“Woman of all shapes, sizes and races entered. The message was anyway you are comfortable is the right way.”

Since resigning from her Miss Surrey title Miss McQueen has continued with her charity work and has filmed a mobile phone advert in Greece.

The Miss England pageant crowned a new Miss Surrey queen on Wednesday. 

Surrey Comet:

The new Miss Surrey is secretary Charlotte Rudham from Surbiton.

Charlotte Rudham, 21, from Cobham, was crowed in an intimate ceremony last night. 

Miss Rudham came 12th in the Miss England pageant and won the charity prize for raising more than £8,000 for charity. 

She said: "The pageant and Miss England have been really amazing. I have definitely got the pageant bug." 

Miss England national director Angie Beasley said: "Unfortunately Jade didn’t place and decided to step down once she had taken part.

"We decided to give Charlotte the news three months early as we don’t have a reigning Miss Surrey."