A consultation into the part closure of a Hook doctors surgery has been slammed by residents for being “confusing” and “misleading”.

Kingston Clinical Commission Group (KCCG) is consulting on moving walk-in services from the Gosbury Hill medical centre in Orchard Road to Surbiton Health Centre saying the service is not being “used as planned”.

The clinic, which opened in 2010, currently offers urgent or routine same-day GP appointments every day between 8am and 8pm and a reduced three-days a week service will move to Surbiton.

The consultation states: “The appointment only approach has led to the service being used far less than planned.

“The evidence from other walk-in services is that moving the service at Gosbury Hill to a more central location and changing the service from appointment only to a walk-in service would increase the uptake."

When the Comet called last Saturday and Sunday it was unable to secure an appointment after 1pm.

Objectors say that the walk-in services at the clinic have never been properly publicised and patients at Surbiton Health Centre are not being consulted properly.

Kingston Carers ambassador and Surbiton Health Centre patient Anne Blanche said: “They say that the services are not being used but is this surprising?

“Those who do know about it are confused that an appointment is necessary in a walk-in centre.

“There is also no consultation on transferring services to Surbiton and no mention of where or how the services will be accommodated within Surbiton Health Centre.

“There is already mental health services for substance misuse and other issues in the building.

“This is not a proper consultation. So many questions have been missed out.”

Jane Loader took to social media to question whether the clinic was “under used”.

She said: “What a load of rubbish. I have phoned up on numerous occasions over the past two years for myself and my family and have never managed to get an appointment, even two days in a row.”

A spokeswoman for KCCG said: "To date, information about the consultation has been cascaded through a variety of channels including via GP practices, local libraries,  local voluntary groups, Kingston Council, local schools and neighbourhood meetings.

"We are very keen to reach as many  people as possible so promotion and distribution of public consultation information is on-going."

The consultation runs until November 10. To take part visit goo.gl/1E64O7.