The Surrey Comet has searched its archives and found no record of a boy being run over in Kingston after allegations a former MP was part of a group responsible for killing a boy in the late 70s.

Former Conservative MP Harvey Proctor faces accusations of being a member of a “Westminster paedophile network”, which sexually abused and murdered three children during the late 1970s and early 1980s.

An anonymous informant known only as “Nick” claimed that Mr Proctor was a member of a group responsible for boy being killed after being hit by a car in the Coombe Hill area in the summer of 1979.

The Surrey Comet searched through its archives for a record of a boy being run over in Coombe Hill in 1979 and was unable to find any report.

When presented with the information a spokeswoman for Metropolitan Police told the Surrey Comet that they were “not prepared to comment on an ongoing investigation”.

Metropolitan Police’s Operation Midland, set up to examine claims of the paedophile ring, have questioned Mr Proctor, causing the former Basildon MP to accuse police of a “homosexual witch-hunt”.

The BBC aired a panorama investigation last week questioning the reliability of witnesses in the investigation and drew criticism for compromising the investigation.