The weekend marked the 75th year since bombs rained down on St Mark's church in Surbiton.

The church was bombed by the German air force on October 2, during the 1940 Blitz.

An exhibition has opened in the church with photographs detailing the history of the building since it was bombed.

Some older members of the congregation can still remember seeing the blaze taking over the church in St Mark's Hill.

Vera Palmer of Hill Crescent looked out at the fire from outside her house, where she still lives today.

She said: "We saw the spire go red with the fire and we were waiting for it to go down, but it never did."

The spire remained standing but the inside of the church and the roof were gutted. The gravestones in the churchyard were for the most part blown away from where they stood.

Some of the collapsed stones from the church were used to build the war memorial which stands near Surbiton Library in Ewell Road.

For 20 years, the congregation worshipped in a community hall further along Maple Road, until the church was reconsecrated in 1960.

On Sunday the vicar, Robert Stanier, hosted an all age parade service for harvest with the local brownies and cubs groups. A collection was held for the Kingston Food Bank.