New jobs expected to be created through Lidl’s plans to relocate its headquarters to Tolworth in a four storey landmark building were largely welcomed during a one-day consultation event this week.

Hosted in Kingston University grounds in Tolworth, the plans for the Jubilee Way site, were largely met with approval on Monday, September 21.

Ken Lowes said: "I think it's brilliant. We need employment round here, we need jobs to help the Broadway.

"What we don't need is the cars. The traffic, I think, everyone is worried about.

"This brings local jobs and that's something we need."

Traffic worries appeared to be the main concern for those who had come to view plans.

One man, who did not want to be named, said the 450-plus cars expected to pour out of the exit at the end of the day could cause problems.

Bob Phillips, who co-wrote The History of Tolworth with Pat Maude, gave a copy of the book to the developers.

He said: "The idea we have that much employment, up to 750 jobs on the A3 is fabulous."

Oliver Barrett, development manager at Lidl, said the close proximity to Wimbledon - where the current head office is - attracted the company to Tolworth.

He said: "We wanted to retain staff so that was obviously key."

The cut-price supermarket chain agreed a £10m deal for the land with Kingston Council back in July.

The headquarters plans displaced the former Jubilee Way motor track which had been running from the site for 14 years.

A new site for the track is yet to be found, but the council has said it may have a suitable site that could be leased.