Drug dealing in Surbiton has become so blatant – according to residents – that police are asking for help in addressing the problem.

Residents in the area did not wish to be named but said they were prepared to play their part in aiding the police.

One man said: “They [the police] have a difficult enough job as it is in the current circumstances and are doing their best, but despite arrests they may have made, the street-dealing continues as it has done since May.”

While he was speaking to the Comet on the phone, the man said he saw what he believed to be drug deal taking place outside his property.

In a rush, he said he would have to get off the phone to call police on 101.

He added he had been in touch with Kingston and Surbiton MP James Berry, who had agreed to hold a meeting for residents about the ongoing problem.

A Metropolitan Police spokesman said the force was aware of the situation.

St Mark’s Councillor Liz Green said no one had contacted her about drug dealing in the area.

A letter to residents of Cottage Grove from Sergeant Trudy Hutchinson said officers were aware of the “drug related antisocial behaviour”.

It read: “We have made a number of arrests and conducted successful drug warrants relating to this activity. However, I am writing to ask for your assistance in addressing the ongoing issue. A number of you have spoken to me and did not feel it appropriate to ring the police when you observed the activity, and my plea is that you ring us immediately if the drug-dealing is happening.”

Mr Berry said: “I personally witnessed drug dealing in the area behind Victoria Road while out canvassing, and I reported it to the police. I have spoken to the borough commander and the local inspector about it and I know that the person I witnessed drug dealing has been arrested. I am trying to put together a public meeting in the next few weeks.”

He said the police were doing proactive work in the Cottage Grove area but said “obviously we don’t want drug dealing around Surbiton” at all.