A leather-style vest wearing student caused both uproar and admiration throughout social media as he went against the traditional dress code on University Challenge.

Surrey Comet: Dress code? Spot the odd one out

Kamil Shah from Kingston, a history student at King's College, Cambridge, decided to don a vest and chain for his debut on the long-standing BBC 2 quiz. Presented by Jeremy Paxman, the episode was broadcast last night.

While the team from King's ended up losing to Sidney Sussex, the vest was what caught the attention of most viewers.

The other contestants went for a more conservative look but Mr Shah's choice of outfit won him fans.

Surrey Comet:

Surrey Comet:

The BBC Radio1 Breakfast Show tweeted: "We love Kamil Shah who was on University Challenge last night breaking all the cardigan rules in his leather vest."

Anna Sampson said: "Can't believe I missed the #universitychallenge episode with someone wearing a faux leather vest on it. I'm amazed Paxman let that slide."

Karyn M.Cooke tweeted: “Did #Shah get lost? On his way to the nineties?! Unbelievable leather vest.”

The questions our Shah got right...and wrong.

Q: "Our current Royal Family doesn't have the difficulties which pandas do but pandas and the royal family are expensive to conserve and ill-adapted to any modern environment".
Which novelist made those comments in a lecture entitled Royal Bodies:
Shah: Martin Amis. 
Paxman: Wrong
Answer: Hilary Mantel 

Q: Of which event of 1819 did Mary Shelley write: "It roused in my husband violent emotions of indignation..."
Shah: The eruption of Krakatoa 
Paxman: No I'm afraid you lose five points
Answer: The Peterloo Massacre

Q: In 1788 which Italian was appointed Austrian imperial court composer and music director. He was later fictionalised...
Shah: Salieri
Paxman: Correct

Picture round of cityscapes in films.
Shah identified Blade Runner.

Q: What English past participle translates the french word interdit, the Italian vietato and the German...
Shah: Forbidden
Paxman: Yes

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