A man drove to Austria with the intention of taking his own life eight months before he fell to his death, an inquest has heard.

Adam Kotynski, 35, from Florence Road, Walton, was known to police after multiple disappearances linked to “deep depression”, before he fell from Eden Walk car park in Kingston on October 20, 2014.

The next day 20-year-old Dario Olivio, a former Hinchley Wood School pupil, took his own life from the same building.

Nov 2014: Two people killed in Kingston car park falls named

West London Coroners’ Court heard today the father of two, a builder originally from Poland, had been hospitalised in September after a second disappearance - the first being 10 days in Austria where he slept in his car contemplating suicide before running out of money and returning home.

He was eventually found by police at the top of the Rose car park in Kingston asleep in his car.

At Kingston Hospital he later told his partner of about four years, Simpy Kumar, he had been too drunk to do anything other than sleep when he got to the top storey of the car park, but that everything would be OK and he was fine.

Ms Kumar told the inquest: “Adam was a lovely person and although I didn’t understand the illness of depression, I now realise that it did have a very damaging effect on him.”

Later in September his ex-wife alerted Ms Kumar to messages Mr Kotynski had sent to a friend saying goodbye.

Police found him at the top of Eden Walk car park in a similar state to before. He was hospitalised for a month before deemed fit to return home.

Once home, and taking medication, he received daily visits from the home treatment team from Epsom Hospital for a week starting October 10.

Nick Hollis, a nurse practitioner, carried out the visits. He described Mr Kotynski as being very open and reported he was recovering well and wanted to return to work.

He said: “[He was a] genuinely nice guy and what he was telling me, I believed him.

“Alarm bells would’ve rung in my head if he said anything that I felt was concerning but there was nothing there - that’s what’s bewildering about what happened.”

Coroner Chinyere Inyama asked a psychiatric nurse from Joseph Palmer Centre in West Molesey, who had seen Mr Kotynski numerous times during his treatment: “You saw him on the 17th, you get the reports four days later that he did what he did, you were surprised?”

She said she was shocked to receive the report of Mr Kotynski’s death.

Mr Inyama found: “Adam Kotynski took his own life while the balance of his mind was disturbed.”

The Mind charity promotes the views and needs of people with mental health problems. Its helpline number is 03001 233 393. Alternatively call Mind in Kingston on 020 8255 3939.

To get in touch with the Samaritans in Kingston, call 020 8399 6676 or drop in at 12 St Andrew’s Road, Surbiton. Samaritans lend a confidential ear to those in distress.