Kingston Council has revealed two near-the-knuckle posters it hopes will persuade visitors to Kingston not to drop litter, let their dogs foul the streets, or even foul the streets themselves.

The posters, that show a man and a dog relieving themselves in a living room, carry the slogan 'You wouldn't do this at home', and will be displayed on electronic billboards.

Contractors enforcing anti-littering and anti-dog poo pilot schemes have handed out more than 400 fines since starting work in June.

Litterbugs can be made to pay £80 on-the-spot fines while dog-walkers who allow their pets to foul the pavement in Kingston and Surbiton must fork over £100.

Councillor Terry Paton, cabinet member for resident services, asked visitors and residents to "think before they do something nasty" and save the borough cash in the process.

He added: "I know the majority of people are not malicious when they litter or allow their dogs to foul, but they are sometimes being thoughtless.

"By working together we can all move Kingston from clean to pristine."

The pilot schemes will run until December. If successful, they will be expanded across the borough in 2016.