The artist impression of the new Eden Walk regeneration scheme does not in any way represent the scale of what is proposed here.

Showing happy shoppers bathed in sunlight is a gross misrepresentation. At the public showing of the plans sunlight data was not available. Neither was wind tunnel testing data.

In reality there will be no sunlight available for 10 months of the year and with the proposed high rise buildings also in the vicinity, not shown on the scale model, the wind will deposit rubbish throughout the development at street level.

With the proposed 350 residences at the old Post Office site and 400 new residences for this site as well as 39 new residences next to Primark (proposal overview, page 14) I asked if:

Any further public toilets would be made available ?

Any new schools ?

Any further health care facilities ?

The answer was no.

The sewage system can no longer cope in this area and no new sewers will be created for the extra waste being generated.

With the new Tolworth tower scheme and these schemes combined the transport in and around the area will not be able to cope for many years. Businesses and residents will suffer greatly as a result.

When I asked about this I was told: "Well, it’s re-development. We will not get the required investment without the scale."

There is a proposal for a cinema when we already have an underused 15 screen cinema in Kingston.

Claims of individual businesses (not chains) are not able to be sustained. This is clearly a development that is fuelled by greed and not in the interest of anyone who does not have a financial stake in the outcome.

It is comparable to two Tolworth Towers in the centre of Kingston town.


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