With regard to your letter (Store farce, June 12).

I have had a poor customer relations experience with B&Q.

I was in the process of finding out about the price of a kitchen, so I could compare it with one I already had.

After waiting for more than three weeks, I decided to contact them.

When I did, I thought I was on a comedy show.

The person who should have dealt with me was away, and nobody in his office had the password to get into his account.

The person answering the phone was smirking and thought it was funny.

I told him he should go on a customer services course and that I for one was not amused.

It seems the bigger the company, the more you get away with.

I do not know how they can justify losing out on the contract to a sum of more than £8,000 from a genuinely interested party.

Perhaps now the B&Q management can reply to this letter.

New Malden



I do not understand how big companies can get away with being bullies.

Someone from health and safety should go in and check it out. If necessary, close it down until it is rectified and whack them with a huge fine to discourage the behaviour. Bullies need to be stopped.

Via email