The race to take over No 10 may have come to an end last month, but at Esher Church School the campaigning has only just concluded.

Surrey Comet:

Jamm: Want to spend more on stationery

Before half term, pupils came up with their own political parties, manifestos and slogans ahead of the school elections.

The project was organised by year 4 teachers Alex Munro and Fay Wainwright, to encourage students to engage with and understand the political process.

Students were asked to come up with proposals for school policy with suggestions including changes to school dinners, a disco every Friday and more pay for teachers.

Party leaders made their pitches in the school hall before their peers and staff cast their votes in specially made ballot-booths.

The winning parties were Jamm, who set out a programme to spend more on stationery, and the Candimals, who wanted to spend more on school meals.

Mr Munro said: "It was really encouraging to see how much they had thought about what would appeal to the electorate and how they would fund some of the proposals they had come up with.

"School politics also reflected real life - since the elections took place we have had quite a few 'resignations' by the leaders of the losing parties."