A safety-conscious DIY enthusiast has been handed a life ban from every B&Q in the country after raising concerns about the company’s New Malden branch.

Raymond Meerabeau, 64, visited the B&Q warehouse in Shannon Corner by the A3 flyover and noticed the cover had come off a fuse box near the lifts, exposing wiring.

He took photos of the fuse box and showed them to a manager – but was instead told off for taking pictures inside the store.

Mr Meerabeau said: "I showed him the photo and he said in quite an aggressive manner, 'you are not permitted to film on private property'.

"'You should not be filming in here and I am going to ban you'.

"He failed to take my name and address or show me the relevant rules that say I’m not allowed to take photos.”

Mr Meerabeau wrote a letter to B&Q's head office complaining of his treatment at the hands of the manager – only to receive a reply banning him from every B&Q in the country.


Surrey Comet:

He said: "Then 'bang'. Two weeks later this letter arrives saying we have discussed your safety complaint and we are in agreement that you should be banned.

"I couldn’t believe it."

Confused, the B&Q regular wrote back asking how long his ban would last.

He received a reply from B&Q CEO of customer care Gemma Miall-Smithson which stated: "For the avoidance of doubt, please be advised that the ban is a lifetime ban and relates to all our B&Q stores.

"We trust this clarifies our position."

Mr Meerabeau said he would adhere to the ban but was unsure it was enforceable in practice.

He said: "Are they going to put my photo up in every B&Q store in the country?

"I’ve also written to the Merton Health and Safety Executive about the New Malden store.

"I used to go to B&Q at least once a month because I’m very into my DIY.

"I’m going to have to use one of their competitors now."

A spokesman for B&Q said: "B&Q store managers do have the right to prohibit a person from entering their premises if the behaviour of the individual is felt to be inappropriate, this right was exercised during a visit made by Mr Meerabeau."