There was nothing like watching the faces on my two children light up when they watched the Tiger Who Came To Tea at the Rose Theatre in Kingston.

Much has been made about the true meaning of the short story by Judith Kerr, whose family fled Nazi Germany in the 1930s before settling in this country.

But for youngsters the world over, it is simply a delightful bedtime staple about a mother and daughter’s encounter with a tiger who - comes to tea.

There is an element of panto - ‘he’s behind you’ - when the tiger first appears and then disappears when the family respond to the shouts.

This all adds to the fun and excitement of the show - which at 55 minutes long - is perfect for young minds.

The tiger itself looks splendid in his bright orange ‘coat’ and his graceful walk and bow to the audience adds a bit of majesty and regalness to his persona.

The show has a lot of audience participation with boys and girls being urged to join in the singing and counting.

There was laughter and giggles in the aisles as the tiger ate and drank his way through the contents of the family’s kitchen before waving goodbye and disappearing forever.

The show stays true to the book and my two children came away very excited at having watched a thoroughly enjoyable performance and, in particular, a very ‘magical’ tiger.

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