A Cobham artist, part of a prestigious group of Chelsea graduates, is exhibiting in 25 Years of Inspiring Women.

Colleen Quill lives and works in Cobham. Her passion has always been art and she studied at the Heatherly School of Fine Art.

She forms one 16th of the Lots Road Group of former graduates who have teamed up to produce a portrait exhibition of 16 of the International Women's Forum's (IWF) most inspiring women.

Ms Quill, who has been interested in painting since school, painted Mary Baker, co-founder of the IWF.

Susan Young, who chaired the organisation during its 25th year and championed the initiative, said: "I am delighted to embark on this special collaboration with the Lots Road Group. This is a wonderful opportunity to capture the essence of our leaders on canvas and represent inspiring leadership in an innovative medium."

The exhibition is at the Chelsea Gallery in the King’s Road until Sunday, June 7.