I could not agree more with Mr Innes and his view that the proposed edifice on the old post office site is far too tall (Proposed post office buildings still too tall for town, May 15).

I was given to understand from a representative of Kingston Council’s planning department that the maximum construction height in Kingston was that of the old Bentalls depository building, that is still standing.

If this is so, then they have breached their own policy on numerous occasions, yet the local authority does not seem a bit bothered. Why?

Is this because if it were you or I applying for planning permission, height restriction is part of the policy, whereas for Kingston Council, in anticipation of all that lovely council tax, its only a guideline, as was told to me by another planning person.

Clearly, it is always the latter when it comes to Kingston Council – and, if proof were needed, we have the approved over-development of the the old gas works site opposite Sainsbury’s and the two tiny sites on Steadfast Road, all earmarked with developments far exceeding these planning constraints.

Apparently, the planners that I have spoken with – none of whom claim to live locally – believe the submitted plans for “our”

town present landmark constructions.

Who do they think they are kidding with these fanciful claims and hippy trippy descriptions?

Try sky ghettos.

Via email