I would like to congratulate James Berry on his election as the Conservative MP for the Kingston and Surbiton constituency.

Of course I do not agree with James politically and we clashed on a number of occasions in the hustings, but I got to know James over the course of the campaign and found him to be a man of principle and integrity.

I wish James the best of luck in his Parliamentary career.

I would also like to pay tribute to Ed Davey, who served Kingston and Surbiton from 1997 to 2015.

I did not appreciate being smeared unjustifiably by Ed Davey during the election campaign, but I nonetheless recognise the help he has given to many residents during his time in office.

It has been a privilege to stand for Parliament and I have been a proud Labour candidate throughout.

I would like to thank all residents that engaged in the debate, who challenged each of the candidates so robustly and who voted for me and for any of the other parties standing.

Although the election has finished, the issues that were raised during the campaign have not gone away.

Inequality is still on the rise. An answer is still required to the housing crisis in our borough.

And it should still be unacceptable to us that people that work hard and do all the right things have to visit the Kingston food bank to feed their families.

Upon all of these issues the Kingston and Surbiton Labour Party will continue to campaign. We will also keep our proud banner flying for respect, equality, dignity and social justice.

Thank you again for all of those that supported me, and to all those who did not.

Labour parliamentary candidate for Kingston & Surbiton