Zac Goldsmith was emphatically re-elected as Richmond Park and North Kingston's MP last night, returning to Parliament with a whopping 23,000 majority.

The Conservative romped home with 34,404 votes, with Liberal Democrat rival Robin Meltzer a distant second with 11,389.

Asked whether he expected to enjoy such a significant increase to his majority, Mr Goldsmith said he had not considered it.

He said: “I am quite superstitious so I made no calculations or estimations.

“I had hoped with my record locally that I would be given a second term and I am honoured to have been re-elected as MP for Richmond Park and North Kingston.

“I have a lot of people to thank and will be doing a lot of that over the next couple of days.”

Richmond Park and North Kingston results:

Zac Goldsmith (Con): 34,404
Robin Meltzer (Lib Dem): 11,389
Sachin Patel (Lab): 7,296
Andree Frieze (Green) 3,548
Sam Naz (UKIP): 2,464

Mr Meltzer accepted it had been a "terrible" night for the the Lib Dems, with both Ed Davey and Vince Cable losing the seats they had both held for 18 years. 

Mr Meltzer said: "I congratulate Zac Goldsmith on his victory.

“It has been a terrible night for Lib Dems across the country.

“There is a long Lib Dem tradition in Kingston and Richmond which we have to work hard to revive and I know we can.

“The Lib Dems, locally, aren’t going anywhere and neither am I.”