This is a letter to Peter Treadgold, the mini-Holland project manager.

Following receipt of your letter, dated March 16, I contacted your project manager to express my concerns.

I sent a comprehensive response to your “consultation”.

This was published in its entiriety by the Surrey Comet.

To date, I have not received an acknowledgment, response or invitation to a subsequent meeting. All of which I find discourteous, to say the least.

I asked, as there were considerable changes to the scheme, if everybody would be re-consulted.

I was told that this was not necessary as everyone had already sent in their comments.

I had been involved in that second meeting when the changes were agreed.

I referred to some of the questions posed in my letter of March 1, 2015, namely whether the police, fire and ambulance services had been consulted and had submitted formal responses.

I was assured that all this had been done and responses had been received and taken into account.

The project manager seemed to be taken aback when I asked to see copies of the emergence services responses.

He said he would have to check with senior officers and that he would get back to me. That was four weeks ago. I am, therefore, obliged to request, under the Freedom of Information act, that information.

I have to express my concerns on the failure of your own department to implement your own not fit for pupose consultation procedures.

I also express my concerns as a taxpayer on being misled by officers of the council.

Your strategy for the Portsmouth Road scheme identified two groups of stakeholders and how each group would be dealt with.

Group one was residents and group two those with an interest in the scheme.

In this latter group, St Raphael’s Church was specifically mentioned.

Following the information presentation on February 4, I called in at St Raphael’s on the way home. They had no knowledge of your consultation even at that late date.

I understand they contacted you shortly afterwards for information.

I hope that others will join me in seeking full formal consultation over all information in the publilc domain for the public to make informed comments.