Parents praised the new school buildings planned to revamp Rydens Enterprise School.

The reactions at the exhibition on Tuesday, March 17, were quite different to last week's showcasing of the housing development that would fund the new school, during which worries about increased traffic were voiced.

Paul Montgomery, a student at the school in the 80s, said: "I think it's very impressive what they are looking to do. It looks good on the eye."

He said the school "had not changed, not one brick" since he attended, which he thought was endearing but it was clear it needed to be updated.

A mother of two students said her children were excited about the new school. She said: "It looks wonderful. It will do so much good for the school."

Ian McKenzie, bursar at the school, said: "We have been very pleased with the reaction to the proposals for the new school.

"We're really looking forward to the day when we can start work on building this fantastic new school."

He said the students "have been quite closely involved with the design", after the architect firm Scott Brownrigg came into the school to discuss what features the students would like to see in the new buildings.

The features they were most interested in making sure were up to their standards were the toilets and classrooms.

While the school and parents are excited about the developments, the housing project has been met with some concerns about the impact on the infrastructure.

If approved, the school hopes the site would be completed by September 2016.