This is how Tolworth Tower could look in years to come, according to developers CNM Estates.

The company has released images that show four new residential towers plus landscaping.

Surrey Comet:

The new buildings would see the current units occupied by Broadway Bar, Garner’s funeral directors, PMG Schoolwear, Costa and Boots demolished

The plans would see the building currently home to the Broadway Bar, Garner’s funeral directors, PMG Schoolwear, Costa and Boots demolished to make way for the new buildings, which would have commercial space on the ground floor.

Anil Jasani, who runs the Broadway Bar, said CNM chairman Wahid Samady had promised to meet him to discuss the development.


He said: “The concern is, what’s going to happen to where [the bar] is? What’s happening to this property and how long is this whole project going to take, and within what timescale are we going to know where we’re going?”

The lease on the independent bar runs until 2038.

But Mr Jasani, a resident of the area since 1979, added: “I’ve always approved of development on the Tolworth Broadway. I’m up for development to bring some life into Tolworth.”

Concerns were also raised at a public exhibition of the designs over a potential increase in traffic from a total of 400 new homes plus 60 serviced apartments.

Surrey Comet:

The revamped Tolworth Tower, complete with Travelodge and M&S, as could seen from Ewell Road 

One resident said: “The thing looks lovely, no doubt about that. What concerns us is the traffic that is going to come with it. It is total chaos coming off the A3 at Red Lion Road.”

Mr Samady said traffic modelling showed weight of traffic would decrease, particularly at peak times, because of the conversion from office space to homes.

However, several floors of offices would be retained, and may include space for start-up businesses.

Of the plans as a whole Mr Samady said: “People say, ‘Why are you doing this in Tolworth?’ and I say I’m proud we are doing it in Tolworth. This building is a gateway.”

Surrey Comet:

CNM Estates chairman Wahid Samady said he was "proud" of the Tolworth Tower plans 

He added: “There is definitely room, in my mind, for a bar [or] restaurant in this development.”

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