In our household we are massive fans of children’s author and illustrator Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler.

So when a book you have read to your children a thousand times or more, zooms in on a broomstick to your local theatre, there was no way we were going to miss this magical tale being performed on stage.

Room On The Broom arrived at The Rose Theatre on Tuesday, and promised to be a fun mixture of puppetryand live actors.

It was clear from the moment my son and I stepped into the building this was all about the children. The chatter of tiny, over excited youngsters filled the place, overbearing the sound of parents becoming flustered trying to find the right seats.

However, as soon as the lights went down there was stillness so quiet that you could have heard a pin being dropped, until my three year old loudly exclaimed, “its spooky Mummy”.

Luckily for me he was happy to stay and continue to watch (most parents fear), but I was told later after theshow by another mother who had travelled all the way from Croydon, that her three year old also found the production a little too scary, so had to sit outside with him in the cafe!

Once the show got into its stride, there were fun moments in abundance, great original songs especially created for the production and energetic performances from the actors even when some were puppeteering.

One of our favourite characters was the Welsh Dragon. His costume was bright, he was funny and my son couldn’t keep his eyes off him. This was the highlight of the show for us – we laughed together and danced to his song.

I did think that sometimes the production could have been pacier to keep the younger children’s attention and maybe some lines, although funny to adults, may have been difficult for the show’s target audience to keep up with.

The running time of the show was fifty-five minutes but I didn’t get to see the last five minutes as my son was restless and wanted a ride on the merry go round in the Market Square, however lucky for us, we already knew how the story ended!

All in all, if your child loves this story, he or she will be mesmerised by the set and adaptation of the book. But be warned, an hour in a toddler's world is a long time and seeing a dark spooky set could mean you’ll have an extra little person trying to sleep in your bed!

Room On The Broom, Rose Theatre, High Street, Kingston

Now until Saturday, February 21

Showings: 11am and 1.30pm (Saturday 11.30am, 2pm and 4.30pm)

Visit or call 020 8174 0090