Kingston residents have mobilised against controversial plans to build a 21-storey block of flats at the old Post Office site in Kingston.

A planning application by developer St George finalising its vision for the Ashdown Road car park has been widely met with opposition, mainly against the building that would easily become the tallest in Kingston.

Kingston Residents’ Alliance has now submitted a petition opposing the development, with more than 600 signatures collected.

Emily McMorrow, from the alliance, said: "They are calling it the gateway to Kingston but none of us believe it’s a gateway.

"It is going to be an eyesore. We are a market town and we want to save the skyline.

"It is not in keeping with the area - we are not even allowed to put a dormer up in our loft in Wheatfield Way."

The Kingston Society has also expressed opposition to building.

In a letter to the Surrey Comet, society chairman Matthew Rees called the development "completely unacceptable" and that it "would set a dangerous precedent for other locations in Kingston, particularly Eden Walk".

Mr Rees did, however, commend the project for creating a new public space, attempting to attract boutique shops and choice of brickwork.

The Liberal Democrats have also launched their own petition with Kingston and Surbiton MP Edward Davey stating "this proposal simply goes too far".

St George's plans include retaining the listed post office and telephone exchange buildings and demolishing others to make way for the 21-storey residential block of more than 350 homes, as well as retail and community space.