A man who intervened as two vicious dogs attacked two smaller dogs - killing one - has said he has had nightmares about what he saw.

Liam Blair, 24, from Tolworth, was working on his aunt's garage roof yesterday morning when he saw two small dogs being attacked by what police have described as two "pitbull-type" dogs.

One dog has been seized but as of yesterday, another was still on the loose. 

The attack, at about 9am in Elmbridge Avenue close to the junctions with Beresford Avenue and Malden Way, left one of the dogs dead, while the other is still being treated for its injuries.

Mr Blair said: "I saw a guy walking his two little dogs, and these two big dogs came out of nowhere. They didn't have collars.

"At first they were just sniffing the other dogs but then I heard barking, then screaming.

"I managed to get one of the dog's in a headlock - the other one ran off down towards the A3.

"Another guy came along and had some rope, and we tied the dog to a lamppost.

"The police arrived and took it away."

Mr Blair said the two smaller dogs looked like poodles, while the two attack dogs were more like pitbull crosses.  

He added: "I'm still shaking.

"I had nightmares about it last night. there was blood everywhere. It wasn't something anyone wanted to see."