The former editor of the Surrey Comet has said he no longer believes a D-notice was served to stop reporters at the paper investigating child abuse allegations some 30 years ago.

David Wilson was the editor of the Surrey Comet between 1973 and 1994.

But his former news editor Hilton Tims, husband of Surrey Comet features editor June Sampson, has said he recalls getting notification of the advisory notice in the 1980s.

The D-notice, he believed, was to do with claims of child abuse by powerful men including politicians and senior police figures at Elm Guest House in Barnes.

But Mr Wilson said: "I have no recollection whatsoever of a D-notice being served on the Surrey Comet. From your inquiries it seems no official notice was served.

"But any suggestion that a group of experienced journalists were taken in by a spoof D-notice is too ludicrous even to consider."

He added although the office had moved from its Kingston town centre site with many of its belongings being thrown out, the paper did not cover Barnes.