A school teacher is breathing a sigh of relief today after she was reunited with a priceless piece of jewellery.

Fiona Patton was distraught after she realised that she had lost her treasured bracelet by Wilkinson’s in Kingston, on September 27.

The gold heart locket bracelet was a gift from her husband Michael, who started it over thirty years ago. Every anniversary or special occasions, Mrs Patton received a new charm to add to the bracelet from her husband.

She contacted Transport for London’s lost property service and also issued several announcements during the school assembly over the last two months but had no luck, despite offering a £500 reward.

Mrs Patton, who is a reception teacher at King’s Oak School in New Malden, said: "I thought it was lost forever but a friend of mine got a flash of what she thought was my bracelet on a woman with a buggy, which gave me hope."

The charm bracelet was returned on Wednesday in a neatly wrapped envelope, addressed to the school with the name ‘Mrs Patten’ on it.

After receiving the package, she said: "I have no idea who posted it back or how they posted it but I’m delighted to have it back. It’s the best Christmas present ever.

"I can't wait to speak to my husband about my good luck. He had started another bracelet for me as I was so bereft, he will be thrilled."