I read your article about a 20mph speed limit in Surbiton with some interest.

I also read some of the comments as well.

The reason why I read it with interest is that I have lived in King Charles Road for more than 20 years. For a few years now, King Charles Road has been a 20mph speed limit zone.

Guess how many people actually keep to 20mph?

Not anyone. That includes the police. You can walk along King Charles Road at any time of day and especially at night and the vehicles are well over the 20mph limit.

Surbiton Crescent is another 20mph zone and outside a school, Surbiton High.

Who keeps to the 20mph? No one.

When I asked a policeman in the street about it, he told me they do not have the resources to do anything about it. What is the point of 20mph zones when everyone breaks the law that uses them?

I have to add maybe the only people that do seem to keep to the speed limit is learners.

It is a total waste of everyone’s time and money.