On October 9, I parked my car at New Malden Waitrose.

The car park was quite full. I reversed carefully into the space along the wall.

On my return an hour later I observed the car beside me had changed since my arrival. The new car was parked at a careless angle.

It had been parked facing the wall and the front was close to the rear of my car. There was a man just sitting in the driver’s seat looking suspicious.

Each time I looked in his direction his eyes shifted. I unloaded my shopping into my boot. He kept staring at me and appeared to be behaving oddly any time I looked in his direction.

It was only when I got home that I noticed that the front bumper on my driver’s side was terribly scraped in two places.

I had not noticed the damage in the car park as due to bad weather I rushed to get out of the torrential rain.

The damage was done either by the man in the car or the person before who was originally parked beside me. Whichever one of you it was, I just want you to know that you caused £250 of damage.

You should be ashamed of yourself.

I am a great believer that what goes around comes around.