As chairperson of the New Malden (Beverley Ward) Residents’ Association, we understand that there is not much we can do if Shell wishes to sell the site.

However, we do object on the following grounds:

1. Parking: I understand the proposal is for 20 one and two-bedroom flats over the ground floor Sainsbury’s retail unit, but with only 10 parking places. The assumption by the council, and no doubt supported with enthusiasm by developers, is that those people near bus routes and train stations will not be interested in owning a car. This is a complete fallacy.

In addition – and it may come as a surprise to planning departments – people have friends who visit. This means there will be more than one car and again, people share flats in order to be able to afford them, so there could be two cars per flat.

Parking around the area of the Shell garage is almost non-existent and having spoken to people in the Groves area, it is obvious there is going to be huge problems in this respect.

Developers do not care what happens once they have built, and it seems the council is only interested in getting as much council tax in as possible.

2. Petrol stations: We have now lost two petrol stations in New Malden given over to flats and it does mean that people in the Groves area will have to drive further to obtain petrol. Great for the environment.

There does not seem to be many thinking planning for the long term is a priority.


New Malden

(Beverley Ward) Residents’ Association