I can tell what you're thinking: you want to see a one-off sorcery spectacular featuring nationally recognised magicians – and only have to go down the road to do it.

Actually, I can't tell what you're thinking, but I know a man who can.

Mind-reader Alex McAleer is one of four acts taking over the Rose Theatre next Thursday for Champions of Magic, which also features Edward Hilsum, Fay Presto and Young and Strange.

McAleer says: “It's a proper family show. There's a lot of kids, there's early teens. You can bring your grandad and grandma to it.

“For a lot of kids it's their first experience of live magic. You can see the wonder in their eyes."

McAleer’s act is divided into two parts. The first involves randomly selecting two audience members up on stage.

The second is altogether more spectacular – but he is keeping quiet on the specifics.

He adds: “In the show one of the first things I say is I'm not psychic –I talk to the living.

“I demonstrate why you should never play cards with a mind-reader, which means I guess about 30 cards people are thinking of.

“The second part is the biggest thing I've ever attempted. It's a large-scale thing and it involves the entire room.”

Asked why families should come down for the show, McAleer says: “You've not really seen magic until you've seen it like this, live, and as a big show.

“If you've seen it on TV it doesn't count.”

McAleer's fellow acts are also highly-regarded in the world of magic.

Double act Young and Strange appeared on the TV show of renowned illusionists Penn and Teller, while Fay Presto was voted the Magic Circle's best close-up act in 2012, while Edward Hilsum has toured extensively across the USA.

Champions of Magic, Rose Theatre, High Street, Kingston, Thursday, October 30, 7.30pm £13 to £21. Visit rosetheatrekingston.org or call 020 8174 0090.