A church thief was so angry about his girlfriend’s mother being evicted from her flat he threatened to kill her neighbour’s children.

Adrian Robertson, 40, told the woman: “I have been in prison for 22 years. I’m going to kill you, and if I don’t kill you I’m going to kill your children.”

His girlfriend Rebecca Mills, 32, shouted violent racial abuse and said: "You got my mum kicked out. I’m going to have you.”

They targeted the woman, who had had the misfortune of living below Mills’ mother in Edinburgh Court in Raynes Park.

The couple have previously served prison time for stealing an 81-year-old’s handbag while she took communion in a Tolworth church.

They admitted all the charges against them, Kingston Crown Court heard yesterday.

Prosecutor Alastair Smith said that Mills’ mother had been evicted due to a "history of problems" with neighbour Ms Rossiter who lived downstairs.

At 10pm on June 23 last year, Ms Rossiter heard loud music and banging, opened her door and saw Mills and Robertson.

Mr Smith said: "She said words to the effect of keep the noise down. My children are in bed."

He said the couple then started banging on her door and made the threats to kill.

Robertson then threatened: "I will put your kids in a white van and kill your mum,” the court heard.

And Mills, who lives in Lincoln Walk, Epsom, said: "I’m going to get you. I know where you live, I’m going to get you.”

They left when police were called and were later arrested upstairs.

Robertson, who used to live in Epsom, and now lives in Guildford, repeatedly tried to speak during Thursday's court proceedings and his phone rang twice during the court hearing.

Judge Michael Hopmeier told him: "You face a sentence on serious charges and have to understand that the likely sentence is an immediate custodial sentence.”

Robertson tried to interrupt again while the judge was outlining his bail conditions and Mr Hopmeier said: "Just listen or I may change my mind."

Robertson replied: "I’m sorry I didn’t mean to interrupt."

Judge Hopmeier said: "Then don’t."

Mr Robertson’s father agreed to pay a £1,000 security for his son's bail.

Zarah Dickinson, defending Robertson, said he had been using drink and drugs at the time of the threats to kill, but was now having drug treatment and staying at a hostel in Guildford.

She said: "He feels very frustrated that he may end up back at square one when he’s turned a corner and made progress.”

She added: "He was working in the building trade previously. He’s not working at present because he is trying to address his demons in terms of drink and drugs.

"Miss Mills’ mother has a serious drug problem and he was in her company rather a lot last year.”

 Robertson was sentenced to five months in jail in March for stealing an elderly woman’s handbag at Our Lady Immaculate church in Ewell Road, Tolworth, on January 19.

Mills was sentenced to eight weeks in jail. 

In 2009 Robertson was jailed for two-and-a-half years for robbing a partially sighted musician in Epsom.

Mills and Robertson will both be sentenced for threats to kill and criminal damage on Friday, October 24.

Mills will also be sentenced for racial provocation of violence.