A girl who has battled cerebal palsy and was born prematurely is having her hair cut to help girls who are bald.

Holly Meacock, eight, was inspired by her hero, pop star Jessie J, to have her locks snipped to provide hair for a wig.

Her mother, Kate, 36, said: “This is all her own idea through Jessie J and the Little Princess Trust. She said ‘I want to cut all my hair off for charity’.

“We thought it was a childish fad, but she was persistent, so I contacted the charity and now it has happened.”

Holly was born prematurely at 24 weeks at Kingston Hospital to Mrs Meacock and her husband, John, 48, a Kingston Council caretaker.

She said: “I just found out about it on YouTube. I had the idea of helping people who have cancer.

“If somebody else wants to do it I would say that, although people make fun of you for having short hair, you are just making somebody’s life happy.”

Mrs Meacock said: “I am just so proud of her. She does have cerebral palsy and hearing impairment and wears glasses because of having laser eye surgery as a child.

“She has battled through everything and come out the other side. The amount of grown men she has spoken to that have tears in their eyes. As long as she makes one little girl’s life better.”

Mr Meacock said: “We’ve had no input – she does like helping other people when she can. She’s doing a good job.”

This weeek she had raised £310.50, but was charging friends and neighbours £2.50 to attend a barbecue in a pink tent in her road in Springfield Place, New Malden, with her sister Olivia, six, who also attends King’s Oak Primary School.

To sponsor her cause, visit littleprincesses.org.uk.

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