Lib Dem leader Liz Green has conceded Kingston Council to the Conservatives.

She made her concession to Tory deputy leader David Cunningham after suffering defeats in several wards.

She said: "There are clearly going to be more Conservative councillors than Liberal Democrats. I've just congratulated the deputy leader David Cunningham.

"Obviously we are disappointed that we are no longer in control. We've lost some very good councillors but we have gained some new councillors I am sure will be excellent.

"We will be challenging the Conservatives and making sure how they are going to pay for some of their pledges, how they are going to protect the voluntary sector." 

She said a few hundred votes in key seats had gone in the Tories' favour as it had gone to the Lib Dems' favour in the past.

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Mr Cunningham said: "It has been a long time coming and obviously all of the results aren't in and there can still be more recounts. But at the moment it looks like we will be the largest part with an overall majority and will be happy to form a Conservative administration.

"We are obviously elated."

Conservative leader Howard Jones, who was not at the count due to illness but arrived at about 8.15am said: "We are so pleased to win for the people of Kingston, for the future of Kingston and young people's aspirations."

It is understood the Conservatives plan to hold a leadership election meeting on Wednesday.




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Surrey Comet:


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