Time no longer is the theme and message that runs throughout Tom's Midnight Garden.

And our inner child's endless fascination with the possibilities of time travel will have been delighted by David Wood's adaptation of Philippa Pearce's story.

The late children's author had apparently expressed fears over the stage production's ability to portray both time periods on one set.

But Wood does a sterling effort, complimented by strong physical performances from the main characters, Tom (David Tute) and Hatty (Caitlin Thorburn).

Tom is staying with his Aunt Gwen (Kate Adams) and Uncle Alan (Tom Jude) when he discovers a mysterious grandfather clock that chimes 13 times.

From there, he is transported back many generations and experiences the wonders of a bygone age.

But time no longer is the message repeated time and again before time itself catches up with Tom, with his friendship with Hatty on the line.

It is undoubtedly one for the kids, but adults would have enjoyed Tom's Midnight Garden thoroughly also.