He has sold 75m books worldwide, and seen his middle school protagonist Greg Heffley immortalised on the silver screen.

And next week, Diary of a Wimpy Kid author Jeff Kinney comes to Kingston to sign copies of Hard Luck at Waterstone's in the Bentall Centre.

Vibe caught up with him ahead of his trip.

VIBE: Are you looking forward to your trip to the UK and Kingston in particular?

Jeff Kinney: I'm excited to visit Surrey because I it's a place I’ve yet to visit. I feel a special connection with the readers from the UK.

V: How did you come up with the idea of a wimpy kid as the hero of your books?

JK: Most children's literature features a protagonist who is heroic and courageous. I wasn't like that as a kid. I wanted to create a character who was imperfect and relatable.

V: What were you like at school? Did you keep a diary?

JK: I was a good student through school. I didn't keep a diary until my 20s, which is what inspired the Wimpy Kid books.

V: What is the new book, Hard Luck, about?

JK: It’s about Greg's decision to turn his life over to fate.

V: How surprised have you been by the success of the series?

JK: I never thought the books would get published, so their success is mind boggling to me.

V: What advice do you give to young people inspired by your work?

JK: My stories are very ordinary. The secret is finding the humour in everyday experiences.

V: What lies ahead for Greg and the series?

JK: I expect Greg to be stuck in middle school forever. I don't have plans to finish the series.

Jeff Kinney, Waterstone's, Bentall Centre, Kingston, Saturday, December 7, 3pm; call 020 8974 6811.