A busy crossing at the top of Tolworth’s Greenway has been missing a lollipop lady for seven weeks, parents have said.

Parents of children at Our Lady Immaculate school also called the crossing “treacherous” and “an accident waiting to happen” due to the phasing of traffic lights.

Sally Fairman, of Stokesby Road, Chessington, said: “Tolworth Broadway is busy and treacherous for school children and is currently an accident waiting to happen.

“We have been without a crossing patrol for seven weeks now.

“Given the amount of disruption and ever changing layouts, something needs to be done before there is a terrible accident.”

Sandi Avery, also from Chessington, has two children attending the school.

She said the current light sequence means indication is given to cross while southbound traffic continues to move through the junction.

She said: "My concern is the crossing directly outside Iceland. It’s not right at all.

"Adults crossing will know, but when you’ve got children they’re thinking, ‘We’re allowed to cross, there’s a green man.’

“It’s a busy junction at all times.”

Of the lack of a lollipop man, she said: “That should be sorted as soon as possible. I don’t know how long it’s going to take for them to get one.”

South of the borough neighbourhood chairman Councillor Rachel Reid said last week the lack of a crossing patrol was a concern.

Kingston Council is yet to confirm a replacement for the previous crossing warden, who retired earlier this year.