A stray dog rescued from Corfu by Zac Goldsmith's mother was castrated after a grass seed became lodged near his private parts.

Timmy the dog, who was rescued by charity Corfu Animal Rescue Establishment (CARE), had an unexpected and painful start to his life in Ham after he underwent an operation to remove an inch-long grass seed lodged near his scrotum.

The Richmond Park MP's mother, Lady Annabel Goldsmith, who is well-known for her love of dogs and support for rescue charities, offered one-year-old Timmy a home in Ham and collected him from Gatwick Airport last month.

She noticed her new pet was in discomfort when he sat down so took him to the vet who discovered the seed was lodged inside his body so carried out a painful procedure.

Vet Cory Kleinmann from the Ham branch of Goddard Veterinary Group said: “Considering Timmy's size, the grass seed was very long and, if we had not removed it, could have gone on to cause a serious infection.

“It was an exotic grass and had probably travelled with him all the way from Corfu.

“No wonder sitting down was a little difficult for him.”

Lady Annabel said: “In the month we have had Timmy, he’s already brought us great joy - and not a little worry when he had to undergo this unexpected operation.

“It’s wonderful to see him starting to enjoy his new life with us.

“He is a lovely dog but serves as a reminder of the great many dogs in rescue centres abroad and here in the UK who still need loving homes.”